We wanted to design bags that you can trust to do their job, do it well, and look good doing it.

Our bags are made using artisanal techniques, and produced with ethical manufacturing partners who uphold our high PANASHE Standard. Who makes our bags is just as important as how we make them! For this reason, we work hand in hand with ethical manufacturing partners, conducting audits to make sure they uphold our PANASHE standards of quality and ethics.

We guarantee fair wages in accordance with the local living standards, maintain healthy and safe working environments, and offer training to employees so that they have the opportunity to expand their skill sets. Child labor is absolutely prohibited. Equality in the workplace is a mainstay of both our Company and all manufacturing partners. we work with tanneries that produce with environmental awareness.

We choose our artisan's for the expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, passion and heart. You can see the passion in their hard work and soul in their craft. Our partners are family oriented with history of leather making in their blood. This is their craft. It wakes them in the morning with a flutter in their hearts and moves them through their days with purpose. They become engrossed in the experience until they lose track of the world around them. Their inspiration compels them.

We are truly averse to synthetic materials, and believe that plastic, PU and all other synthetic materials are leading us towards sure doom and the world would really do much better without synthetics. Hence our efforts are always geared towards the use of natural materials wherever possible and that is reflected in all aspects of our design whether it be our products or our packaging or auxiliary materials.